MOLTENUNIVERSE Vol. I , 23.04.2013

thee cosmik-kollectiv
bringt euch am abend des 23sten april zweitausenddreizehn
heavy ~ psychedelia // stoneager // doom // hypnotic // space ~ rock
im labor des contrast konstanz
‚we must storm the citadels of enlightenment, the means are at hand!‘
< < william s. burroughs in a letter to brion gysin >>
sound /// mike mucos & doriandroid
visual sickualness, machines & design /// holden deadfield
design /// karoline heinzelmann
décor /// mokka janraki & paranoida
doom tv /// tim mond
and all thee others
and did we tell you the name of the game, boy?
we call it ‚riding the gravy train‘