Third band for Nothing Hill: Datashock

all hail, ye desert riders!
thee kollectiv is proud to host another collective

DATASHOCK from Saarlouis, DE

at our
Nothing Hill ~ Heavy Psychedelic Day Fair
on 25th of July 2015

~ psychedelic gruselkraut ~

oscillation and meditation coupled with absurdity and a pinch of self-irony. it’s gonna be a pleasure to have this collective of multi-instrumentalists on stage

“they have been losing themselves in the wardrobes of their subconcious ever since and have never been frightened to play around with whatever they can find in there, trying out colourful sound-costumes and sending out psychedelic-experimental ‘Gruselkraut’ from the depths of this vast piece of furniture.”

sounds just like the kind of people we like to hang out with, right?

… and in case you’re in for some name-dropping:

The Wire called them “a free-folk-informed update on Amon Düül”,
they performed with Can’s Damo Suzuki,
had reviews on Pitchfork,
they’ll be playing Fusion festival next week,
and so on…

not as if they care about reputation. at least they rather seem to be doing whatever the hell they feel like doing.


don’t miss out on the uncountable members of the collective bringing their psychedelic desert krautrock sound to thee hill.