Date: 25th of July 2015
Time: 13:00-22:00
Location: Pfaffenbüel, 8274 Tägerwilen CH   ~~~> Comme to us:” 

FAQ / INFO – it’s a long list, but please read it carefully:

Thee Commandments of Nothing

In thee beginning there was nothing, and so it shall be in the end.

  • We are guests here on this beautiful organic farm, so please take care of the land! That means:
    • Please use the toilets provided! Food is grown here and sanitary installations do have a reason other than privacy.
    • Please take out your trash!
    • Please, please, please don’t throw your cigarettes just anywhere! Take a portable ashtray, collect them in one of your pockets, make sure nothing is burning and throw them in the trash receptacles provided!
  • Help us leave a clean space! This goes for the way to and from the festival as well, if the road is lined with trash it’s going to fall back on the event.

In thee beginning we were all nothing, so respect what people have become.

  • We believe in mind expansion, not narrow thinking. Therefore we ask you to please check your -isms at the door. We do not want any racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism, nor any other forms of discrimination, and we will use our houseright to expel people in case of misconduct. If you experience any trouble at all, please talk to our awareness team at the concert site or our team members at the entry, the bar or wherever else you can find us! Be aware, play nice and, most of all, let’s all make sure everyone has a good time!
  • The site in general is wheelchair-accessible (the concert meadow is a little rough but should be doable), except for the campground. If you plan on staying the night, there will be an area of bus camping that is wheelchair-accessible, but please let us know beforehand so we’re prepared.
  • Take care of each other, and take care of yourself! This is a space for self-realization with respect and community. Love and let love!

In thee beginning there was a hille, then there was a community.

  • Camping is possible in the fruit tree meadow next to the concert site. There is an extra site at the parking space if you are coming with a bus, but please let us know beforehand if you plan on doing so!
  • During the event there will be several food stalls and a VolxKüche to ensure no one goes hungry. However, if you are staying the night make sure to bring some breakfast and whatever else you may need.
  • There is water on thee hille, but we have to use it sparingly, therefore there will be no showers etc. If you can, take some water with you for the night and the next morning!
  • We can’t allow generators and sound systems, nor drums or other unusually loud instruments over night. This is a day fair and we would like to leave this space without animosity with the neighbors.

In thee beginning there was a land, then we forged a path.

  • If you are traveling to reach us, try to use trains and buses and/or fill up your cars with good people! Travelling together is more fun and we ask you to try not to be wasteful.
  • The way to the festival site will be signposted from the two train stations in Tägerwilen, Tägerwilen-Dorf and Tägerwilen-Gottlieben, and is about a 20-30 minute walk from these.
  • Here are directions on a map -> click

In thee beginning there was a space, then people came and made it a faire.

  • We are excited to present you the fine people cooperating with us and what will be on offer on the fairgrounds:
    • Our friends from Rümpeltum, St. Gallen, will be there with a vegan Volxküche!
    • Bea, Bäcka and Franzi will have delicious vegan bread & spreads!
    • Anselmo and Julia will have local apple-pear juice!
    • Montse, Susanne and Stefan will be there with Falafel, Quiche and organic wine! And they’ll have some craft accessories along as well, it’s said.
    • EnArt & byGeeM will brighten your life with art & craft!
    • Of course the bands will have some merchandise and records on sale!
    • There will be a small stand with our own cosmik kollectiv trinkets!
  • And of course we’ll have our cosmik bar offering you drinks and beer!
    • (No alcohol of any kind will be served to minors under 16, only beer and wine to those under 18.)

In thee beginning there was nothing, and what remains is up to us.

  • We believe in the power of direct experience, so we would recommend getting lost in sounds and sights, not the screen of your smartphone.
  • Also, selfie sticks? No. Just no.


Please come, join, have a good time and be good to each other. We are all here together!