Nothing Hill

Nothing Hill 2015 is over. 

We want to thank every single one of you who came out to the Hill. The amount of support and energetic vibes exceeded our expectations, and that's because of you people, ye psych lovvers, ye cosmonauts of inner space - we know some of you came a long way just to take part in this experiment.
Well, what should we say?
It freakin' worked out!
It's because of you that D.I.Y. and free culture have a stand here. So much seems possible...

See some impressions here or in our gallery. 

All our cosmik energies go out to the people who helped us realize Nothing Hill
(as always, non-hierarchical order):
To Datashock, Swan Valley Heights, Pretty Lightning, Saiga and The Black Willows;
to their drivers, bookers and friends;
to our soundwizard Max Zepf for stamina and competence;
to Basil Koller and Sebastian Roth for the backline;
to the PA-fairy for awesome equipment;
to all our helpers involved in the fest - we couldn't have managed without you;
to all the food stalls offering dainties;
to Micha & Stutzki from @Meatsmokers / Radio free FM and Tunes From The Void for promo and follow-up;
to Horst Klub, JugendKultur e.V. Contrast, Rümpeltum for their support and involvement; to Christian & Timon Schwarz, owners of the site, for their engagement and assistance; to Stefan Böker for his diplomatic efforts;
to everyone who helped us improvise in times of crisis (PA-logistics!);
to SlashDashBackSlash / Psy - High for exchange and inspiration;
to the amazing stoner/psych/fuzz-network spanning over europe and beyond, creating marvellous and inspiring bands and people.


"In thee beginning there was nothing. Then there was a hille. And we heard that it was goode and were content."

Nothing Hill Psychedelic Day Fair

is taking place on thee
25th ov July 2015
 Pfaffenbüel, 8274 Tägerwilen, CH | close to Konstanz

the fest will be held from 13:00 to 22:00

atmospheric collective DIY ritual ~ in-situ soundscaping ~ trans-alchemy

Some of the finest bands around will make the hill vibrate.

The Black Willows, CH
Datashock, DE
Swan Valley Heights, DE
Pretty Lightning, DE
Saiga, CZ/SIB

We have been working on this open air event for the past months. For final realization, we depend on the ticket presale! Tickets are limited to a total of 200.

Get your ticket

So, ye psyched sailors, keep in touch for updates!

Thee fest is open for participation ov other creative collectives / artists / people.

more info

last-fm page 

Nothing Hill will be realized through donations, support and presale. We believe we can make this experience happen by joining hands, by creating something unique and by inspiring each other. Even though we don’t have a huge budget, we instead cherish thee value of good music, free progressive culture, and want to give each band and possibly everyone involved a fair share to cover their costs and to respect their performance.

We’re looking for help/cooperation in thee following areas:

- tents to protect technical equipment and accomodate people

- a chill-out space with coffee/chai/…

- a food stall/VoKü

… your ideas are welcome

Lorem iipsum in confoederatiio helveetica at thee 25th ov July 2015
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