Thee Dreamachine

We develop and expand our own pro~gression of thee Dreamachine, a concept and machine first invented and created by Brion Gysin (and Ian Sommerville, collaborating in the beginning) since 1960.

Holden Deadfield ov thee Kollectiv designed and calculated first new patterns (based on 45 rpm record players) along with illustrator and graphic designer Karoline Heinzelmann (Leipzig) for three new types, bringing two of the three drafts into material. Below you can see several variants of discarded or never published drafts of the early / first period, without correlation to correct arithmetics and mapping towards our existing machines.

muster_03_A400004 muster_03_A400003 muster_03_A400002 muster_03_A400001 muster_03 muster_02_III muster_02_II muster_02_I (11,25 Hz) muster_02_A400010 muster_02_A400009 muster_02_A400008 muster_02_A400007 muster_02_A400006 muster_02_A400005 muster_02_A400004 muster_02_A400003 muster_02_A400002