saiga - steppenlord

Final Band for thee Nothing Hill: Saiga!


hell yeah!

tonight we finalize our line up for the 1st official edition ov

Nothing Hill ~ Heavy Psychedelic Day Fair

at thee 25th ov July 2015
Pfaffenbüel, Tägerwilen (CH) | close to Konstanz (D)

 with a large jammin' collision ov


from Prague, (CZ/SIB)!


listen to their amazing debut album at

heavy psyché..

..rock. whatever. musick. fuck limitations ~ trans-border!..

..and do yourself a favour ~ take your time and enjoy the whole album,

and support the band by ordering their bloody cool tape if you want to

~ it's produced completely DIY and with lovve:



 (artwork by Matouš Svěrák)

 by the way, this is our gift for you roaring from the upcoming awesome Psy-High Festival 

somewhere in the Western Bohemia ov thee Czech Republic.

we are curious for their arrival at Nothing Hill!


yours truly ~ thee ☾~ ʞ