Unterwasser~ ~kosmos! | 29.05. Kantine KN

Ahoi dear psyché spinners!

listen up. sometimes .. aw, don't be afraid! .. soon it's time again to join forces with our beloved friends ov 

Herzgewebe / Varieté

to create an unique sphere called "Unterwasserkosmos" in thee inner and outer rim of the Neuwerk Innenhof, Konstanz at Friday the 29th ov May 2015!

from tonight, two weeks to go..

Let's show you their fabulous sexy flyer artwork, which is just out ov their pure mind and bodies:


We will support their night

by a liquid overboardin'-blue dive-jive into own sound- and atmosphere.

come along, don't be rotten! it's thee best inter-(n)act collaboration you could experience in this uargh ol' teddy town kn.

f.u.c.k. thee night with cosmik vulvae in lovve!

immerse! ~ how high can you go?


                                                yours truly

~ thee  ☾~ ʞ