10 000 Russos (PT) + Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip (CZ) / Fr 22.04.2016

Fr 22.04.2016 // Horst Klub, Kreuzlingen, CH // Doors: 20:00

dear cosmonauts,

we’re stoked to welcome one of our favourite projects – the 10 000 Russos, a trio who emerged from “a dark, decadent city of a peripheral country in a peripheral continent”: Porto, Portugal.
this image of the city condenses in their music, resulting in reverberating, repetitive guitar sounds recalling bands like Neu! or Suicide, traversed by ghostly vocals and drenched in drone. their solemn, ritualistic stomp echoes across the wastelands of the mind.

the band started delving into soundscapes in 2012, then stumbled upon the international Psych community – and a little later Fuzz Club signed them right off the stage after Reverence Festival.
the 10 000 Russos are dropping by Horst Klub a week before the play Desert Fest Berlin.
let them take you on a trip laying bare the bare bones of capitalist promises of happiness, and wealth, and all that other bullshit, and…
dance… to the flickering lights of a deserted shopping mall.
dance to the disturbing heart-beat of a post-apocalyptic urbanity.
“dance to the underground, to the abandoned underground of a lost civilization.”

we’re happy that the Russos will be supported by Olaf Olafsonn and the Big Bad Trip, a young lysergic project stemming from Prague.
the band’s sound is hypnotic and liquid and swirly and whirly, their incantations conjure all kinds of otherworldly and demonic beings ~ and they wear masks…
better come early enough to see these guys – we promise you that they’re weird. seriously weird.

we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

yours truly, thee ☾~ ʞ

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location: Horst Klub